For a Fabulous Home Renovation Choose Granite in Ottawa

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granite ottawaWhen considering a home renovation, nothing packs more of an impact than the addition of granite countertops for the kitchen. Many people have numerous ideas in mind for how they will change the paint and the cabinets, perhaps even all the décor because that is how our minds are trained to operate. But by doing that, you are creating much unnecessary work for yourself. Simply switching your old, outdated countertops to those made of granite can impact the entire room and you will find that all your old accessories and paint have now taken on a new life. As there are so many shades to choose from, here is a simple idea of how to colour coordinate with a few of them:
White – This colour continues to be a staple for the traditional kitchen. Normally paired with light coloured walls and appliances, style magazines are now starting to show some homes switching to darker cabinets to bring the traditional look a little more into this century.
Salmon – Possibly at first an unusual choice, salmon is quickly gaining in popularity. It looks very clean and elegant, and adds a warm splash of colour to the room. Try mixing it with browns and golds, especially hanging copper pots and pans for a dynamic look that screams "Spend time in here!”
Slate – Slate is much like white, in that it is usually found with similar colours like itself such as dark walls or decorations. For a look that opens up the room though try an off-white on the walls which counteracts quite nicely with the darker counters. A lighter shaded room will also be more likely to bring out the sparkle in the tiny reflective crystals that one finds naturally occurring in the granite, which can again also be increased by installing reflective stainless steel appliances.
Blue – Perhaps one of the most fun shades to play with, blue granite is an unexpected pop of colour for you and your guests. For a more traditional country kitchen look, try mixing it up with shades of white on the walls, and blue and white checkered patterns for the decorations. Fresh flowers and crisp white appliances can really draw the look together and make the room warm and inviting for friends and family to spend an afternoon cooking together. Bright and cheery room designs such as this also tend to make colder days feel warmer, and encourage you to open the window and set yourself up on a chair by the counter with a good book and a great glass of wine.
Of course all of these are suggestions should you wish to take the plunge into complete and total change. Practically any pre-existing design will incorporate white and darker granite and make the room look beautiful and elegant. Be sure to visit a local granite showroom today and see what this amazing stone can do for the financial and aesthetic value for your home!